Fees are payable for ALL Statutory Holidays.

Fees will not be charged for one week in December (the 2nd week we are closed for the Holidays) and the first week of July when we are closed for cleaning.  ANY other time taken (i.e. sick days, vacation) full fees are due and payable according to the payment

schedules on this page.

At time of REGISTRATION, a non-refundable first payment is due (approximately 2 weeks) as a deposit which will be applied towards your fees when

your child begins care with us.

The daily cost for PA Days is:

$38.00/day for JK/SK

$36.00/day for School-Age (SA)

$10.00/week late payment fee will be charged when 

fees are not submitted according to the schedule.

Any questions regarding your fee payments,

please email ​ and copy

Thank you.